Fiber Optic Cabling Installation

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Fiber optic cabling is the best way to obtain efficient, secure communications and data transmission. In contrast to traditional copper wiring, plastic- or glass-based fiber optics offers:

  • High-speed operation measured in gigabytes
  • Expanded bandwidth for large carrying capacity
  • Transmits longer distances without needing to refresh or strengthen the signal
  • Increased resistance to electromagnetic noise from motors, radios, or other cables
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Based on the principle of total internal reflection, information quickly moves through a fiber optic line in the form of equivalently coded light pulses. To realize the benefits of this type of cabling without compromising the delicate fibers, fiber optic cabling must be installed by an experienced company such as Integrated Technology Solutions which has more than 30 years in the business of installing network, communications, audiovisual, or data networking cabling.


Designing For Fiber Optics

Integrated Technology Solutions handles all aspects of fiber optic cabling installation including:

  • Outside Plant Services
  • Single Mode & Multimode Fiber
  • Pre-terminated Fiber Solutions
  • Splicing and Testing Services
  • Trenching / Boring
  • Fiber Runner and Raceway
  • Fiber Jumpers

Before installing, we submit a through design plan that considers the architecture of the building and your needs. Older buildings present challenges when installing new fiber optics cable, but we are experts at getting around HVAC and plumbing lines and hiding the cabling under carpets or false ceilings.


Technology Solutions For Your Business

Besides installing fiber optic cabling for networks, phone systems, and more, Integrated Technology Solutions offers the following systems:

  • Advanced Audio Visual Products
  • Video Conference / Teleconferencing
  • Digital Signage / Large Format Displays
  • MultiTouch Video Wall Systems
  • Managed Services
  • AV Design & Installation
  • Audio Visual Systems Integration
  • Custom Programming
  • Maintenance and Repair