Security Camera Installation In Houston, TX

A properly designed and maintained security surveillance system (security camera systems, video surveillance or CCTV system) from Integrated Technology Solutions is one of the best investments for any business. Our systems will help to reduce loss and minimize risk and it can provide important business intelligence about how businesses operate. We offer a wide variety of video surveillance/security camera solutions from basic DVRs to advanced network-based systems with intelligent features and megapixel cameras. Integrated Technology Solutions will work with you to determine the best in class system to meet your budget – saving you time and money.

Alarm Systems

indoor/outdoor security cameras, displays, and control centers

Integrated Technology Solutions provides the latest options in video surveillance and CCTV solutions. Our advanced video surveillance technology allows organizations to have complete control over surveillance data and access this type of information from anywhere in the world. Integrated Technology Solutions provides a free consultation to all of our clients. We will help you determine and clarify your video surveillance system needs. We will design a state-of-the-art surveillance camera system to exceed your expectations. We will also demonstrate the equipment when necessary.